Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Excerpt From Mo Watson's Book, That Gorilla Kissed My Granny and Other Jitters From The Jungle.

The term "shabby chic" will always be a
bone of contention with the poor and the homeless.


Last night I laid upon my bed and
watched a flimsy gnat confine itself
to the corner of the ceiling.
It paced
and flitted here and there
but only in a tiny section
of the corner. 
There was a whole ceiling for
wandering and exploring. 
A giant expanse of whiteness
for adventure and fun
but the little
fucker just stayed in the corner
and ambled in inches.


Ted would often pretend to
receive phone calls from ex-roommates
and dead relatives. 
The pretending was never the issue
it was the screaming, weeping and manic
gesturing while pretending to talk to his
uncle Manny or his first college roommate Bob
that made everyone


I will never be able to do the hula hoop.
But I will always be able to sit here and drink this
beer and watch you do it.

Today I Thought About My Grandfather...

My grandfather referred to anyone who put on airs as
a "counterfeit son of a bitch". When confronted with an awful smell
he would often say, "Damn, that's enough to gag a maggot off of a gut
wagon." My grandfather had black lung from spending most of his adult life working in a coal mine. He also had the coal mine work to thank for a few of his missing fingers. He drank a shot of whiskey and three beers almost every night. He chewed tobacco. Despite his constant denial, I knew he was a werewolf.


Spectral Surprise!

That Gorilla Kissed My Granny and Other Jitters From The Jungle by Mo Watson was published by The Haunted Xerox Press in the chilly midwestern fall of 2010.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Huxley's Future Almost Now

‎"You can't play Electro-magnetic Golf according to the rules of Centrifugal Bumble-puppy."

-Aldous Huxley from Brave New World.

I believe this quote could apply to Google+ versus Facebook...but...I'm too busy fiddling about on Youtube to describe the analogy...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Confusion and Wonder for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Nothing is Real.  Yesterday and Today.

Even though footage from this funny Conan O' Brien sketch

was edited into a clip from the un-aired pilot (1979) of Orson Welles' talk show.

I still think Orson Welles (given an endless leash) would have been a glorious talk show host.  Imagine the guests, the discussions and the grandeur .  The doctored clip made the rounds of the internet a few months ago which of course caused a minor tremor of interest in the show that lasted about a day.   I had visions of something that was part experimental art and the usual yadda-yadda (albeit retro yadda-yadda)  of a typical talk show.

When the Fog of the Edited Unreality of 70s TV was blown away we were left with only the Muppets, Angie Dickinson and Burt Reynolds

I Dig Cleveland, Ohio.  Now and Yesterday.

A couple of months ago, I stopped myself from bidding on a matchbook that came from this wondrous eatery which was once located within a mile and some change from my pad.    Please click on those postcards for a better look at the place.

I had no idea a little bit of exotica was couched in the beer belly of the Rust Belt.