Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Like My Coffee Black...Like My Comedy.

I don't know about you but nothing brightens my day more than creating depressing (and perverse) greeting cards. Feel free to share!

someecards.com - Hello? Mrs. Jones? This is not a sales call. We are just calling to let you know that there is no God. Thanks and have a wondrous day!
someecards.com - Life is easier on LSD.
someecards.com - What would Kafka do?
someecards.com - I found a box of dreams under my bed. They smell kinda rotten.
someecards.com - Well, we purchased the hot tub and had the baby. When does the happiness begin?
someecards.com - The box is empty...not unlike my life.
someecards.com - 8 out of 10 business majors have tasted human flesh.
someecards.com - Tuberculosis is atrocious. Wow. I made a rhyme!
someecards.com - My wife is a hoot when she mixes her seconals with wine.
someecards.com - Coprophagia? Is that some kind of skin disorder?
someecards.com - I prefer the term
someecards.com - Math is for assholes.
someecards.com - Most men lead lives of quiet desperation... -Henry David Thoreau