Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Almost Living by Mo Watson

Almost Living

In the beginning of the 21st
century I was living -
barely living -
about 20 minutes away from
I will not reveal the name of the town
All I will say is that
it was like living in something
that Cleveland, Ohio had thrown up
after a long day and night working
a double shift in
in seedy bar.
I lived in an apartment complex at
the bottom of a freeway ramp.
Across the hall from my apartment there
lived a
friendly dwarf...
at least
I thought he was a

From Mo Watson's unpublished dream journal sometimes referred to as: I Know a Guy Who Had a Dream About a Tiger Taking a Shit on His Chest

My Slow Cousin Writes by Mo Watson

My Slow Cousin writes:

I like to draw
I have since I was 7
years of.


There is
nothing like
having fun
in the rain


Oscar (The Cat) is just looking at something
I no they can see things we don't see.
like a ghost.
No I hope its not that

From the unpublished book Missives From My Slow Cousin by Mo Watson.