Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crumbs From Pop Culture's Breadstick and Other Things to Brush Off the Suitjacket in Your Mind.

Here is a post in which the blogger writes a sentence (and then usually posts a clip from YouTube) about something for you the reader to dig.

In the same year (1969) Sesame Street debuted, Jim Henson presented something to the public that was much more existential than Grover's angst.


Pretty much the only thing I do on Facebook anymore is wish folks a Happy Whatever Holiday it is...

Merry Christmas!

or wish some long lost pal a Happy Birthday.

I don't see much use for it other than that these days.


Altar of Flies is a Swedish fellow named Mattias Gustafsson.

"It is far better to writhe about on the floor at a noise artist's gig than to write about a noise artist's work."
Joe Mange from an article published in Jungle Jitters: A Noise and Exotica Fanzine.


I know very little about classical music.

I know for sure I totally dig this.


I was so excited when I found this record in a local thrift store I did not take much of a gander at the record inside the sleeve. I just plopped it out real quick, viewed the grooves, found them to be Very Good (VG, as they say) and bought the mutha!

But what I actually got inside the sleeve was a record by this dude:

I was kinda disappointed...then...I imagined the sweet record listening party that could have caused the mis-filing of these records...and...I began to wish I could have been there...