Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Hangover.

I will not go gentle into the Christmas Season. 

This post goes out to my late Grandma Murk.

She realized the young me was obsessed with horror films, so she exploited that love by spoiling me rotten with monster gifts:

A Lon Chaney Sr. as the Phantom of the Opera Puzzle, any horror-themed comic that she found in the aisles of Mungo's Knick Knack Hole in Suckwater Township, Monster models,  weird books (from Edgar Allan Poe to this odd one from Edgar Rice Burroughs), novelty records (she turned me on to the Benny Bell classic, Shaving Cream) and old time horror-themed radio.

So in her honor here is Peter Lorre in The Black Cat which was part of the Mystery in the Air radio series.  It originally aired on September 18, 1947.

Peter Lorre in The Black Cat by Hallandgorcey

The announcer is one Harry Morgan of Dragnet and MASH fame.  As of this writing, Harry is still among us!