Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Musings From Mo Watson

Cubicle Thoughts

For me, it is not a
Rat Race.
It's more like a ponderously dull
wander through a
Rat Maze.

Taken From Mo Watson's Book, I Have Seen the Enemy and He is That Guy Over There in the Stupid Tie. Published by Incorporated Crank 2011.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Painstakingly Made Surrealism: Le Nez (1963)


Here is a short, French film based upon a story ("The Nose") by Nikolai Gogol about a man's nose that suddenly decides to leave the man's face and find a new life in a nearby town. The animators used pinscreen animation to bring the surreal tale to life.

I can remember when Spencers Gifts sold small boards of pins. One could press their faces and hands and other body parts if one wished into one side of the board. The other side of the board would show the "impression in pins" of the pressed body part or whatever else one pressed against it. This novelty item was based on this animation technique.

The amount of time the animators spent making this short has got to be mind-boggling.