Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Music For The Freak Out

Here are two fine tunes from the Golden Age of Hippie Exploitation Cinema.

The Glass Bottle performs this track from the film, The People Next Door. The film presents a tripped out tale of young hippies freaking out and their suburban parents who must deal with the freaking.

A soundtrack record was released and it is not as hard to find as you might expect. I found one a few years ago and I barely leave the house.


The song used to highlight the moves of Meg Foster in the film Thumb Tripping has (as far as I know) never been released on LP or CD. The film like the preceding one remains unavailable on DVD. This film captures the youth of the late 60's at a little older age than The People Next Door. Two youths using their thumbs to meander across the USA...

The music was written by Bob Thompson. He is known (well, to me at least) as the fellow who composed music that would be the soundtrack to some one wandering about on a giant marshmallow while zonked to the gills on painkillers and vodka cocktails:

The lyrics to the tune were written by Jerry Fuller. I'm guessing this is the same Jerry Fuller who wrote the song, Traveling Man, that Ricky Nelson took to the top of the charts. A quick look at Fuller's bio tells me it must be the same fellow. It looks like he is a person who likes to keep busy.

Beyond the tunes, though, there is Bruce Dern:

And that should sober you up real quick!

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